Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Time

Well, yesterday was my birthday and I gotta be honest, ever since the injury I never really look forward to anything that has to do with my husband having to remember something for me.  I have learned to expect nothing, so that if he totally forgets It's not a big deal and I don't get hurt.  I really wasn't expecting much, but this time he decided to send me away at a friend of mine's suggestion to get my hair and makeup done for our date.  I was really surprised that he was okay with this, because he usually hates us spending much money, because we are on such a tight budget.  I also hardly ever do anything for myself.  He comes first almost always and the kids as well.  I am not a very primpy girly type so I wasn't looking forward to it, much to my friend's dismay I am sure.  I was not a fan of the makeup job she did, mainly cause I think I was allergic to it, but I did love the hair cut and curly hair.  It is important to remember to take care of ourselves, yet I find that most people don't understand the financial implications involved, or the fact that we are just plain exhausted so much of the time that we would rather get a nap in than anything else.  I don't know about you, but I do so much paperwork along with the daily grind of making sure he is eating and taking his meds as well as taking care of the baby (he is one) that when I do get some down time, I just want to rest. 

I planned a simple evening for us to celebrate my birthday.  I feel so much older than I am due to the stress of the last four years, but we did actually have a fun time which was a nice change from our normal.  We went to PF Chang's and enjoyed a meal and took our time eating it.  It was nice that the baby was with a sitter and being taken care of and that we could just relax and enjoy some normal conversation without him getting upset or yelling.  I had thought we might go to a movie, but he was really exhausted after dinner and we have plans today with some family and a few friends so I didn't want to wear him out.  We decided to skip the movie and come home and get some rest so he wouldn't be exhasuted today, and I think he only slept half of the night before he had a horrible migraine (dang TBI UGH!)  Here's to hoping today will be a good day for him. 


  1. I know how all that is!!! My first hair cut in about... three years maybe (?) was over a month ago, and it felt so awkward to actually have my hair taken care of, because I'm usually doing things that are of so much more importance, that when I had it done, I felt like a different person. It's amazing what a couple hours to eat in peace and some hair and makeup will do. TBI migraines SUCK!!! Not sure how long your husband's usually last but Nicholas's would last for 3 or 4 days. Nothing helped. Vicodin SOMETIMES took the edge off, but that was it. He eventually built up an immunity to it. Go figure. lol.

    I am really enjoying reading your blog, too. :) Oh, and I'm sorry I misspelled C's name online last night. It bothered me for two hours after the fact. I hate misspelling cool names. haha


  2. And of course, stupid oversight of the night.. Happy belated birthday. :) I'm so glad he remembered. That is a big deal for PTSD/TBI guys. Major kudos to the man. :)

  3. Ok, last comment on this one. I promise. Your picture looks beautiful! I love it when hair actually holds curls. My hair likes to be straight, with a slight wave. I just try to roll with it. lol