Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something for Me

Today I did something that I should do more often.  I took some time away from my caregiving and role as a Mommy and went and had a massage.  Before Christmas when I was at the mall shopping there was a kiosk for a new massage place coming into the Tricities.  I signed up for their MUCH reduced price to give them a try.  I had to reschedule my original appointment a few different times due to the fact that something is always changing in this house and every day is different and unpredictable.  I am glad that I had a chance to relax and let some of my stress go, because honestly the last few weeks have been incredibly rough.  After my massage I went and grabbed a quick lunch alone and then drove home because I had things to get done and I needed to grab the baby from my friend who graciously offered to watch him for me.  My neck hurts less than it has in months, and while that is exciting now I am frustrated that it will go back out at some point.  My hips also go out because my feet are so flat, and unfortunately there is nothing I can do for that. 

I think as caregivers we often put ourselves last constantly, but today I put myself first and it felt really good to let myself focus on me for once.  :)  I hope that if you are burned out and have not taken any time away from it all, that you will pay the money and do something small, even if you just pay someone to watch the spouse and kiddos for a bit so you can have some sanity "me" time.  I know I hope that I will be able to do something for myself more often than I have been. 

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  1. Huh. I never do anything like that, either. That sounds like a dream. lol