Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of those days

Today is just one of those days when I REALLY wish my husband could/would do more.  I know he has his limitations, but sometimes or really a lot of times I feel like he COULD do a few things, and he just refuses to even try.  I hate that the weight of everything all rests on my shoulders.  I will ultimately be the one that is responsible for seeing that the small repairs to the house happen and that we get the house up on the market by the end of the month.  I honestly am just so overwhelmed by it all, not to mention that any progress I have been making is easily undone by either my hubby or the baby.  I also can't get as much done as I want to because I am constantly having to stop to take care of the baby because hubby can't handle him.  I struggle with knowing how much to ask/make hubby do and where to draw the line with his limits.  It is incredibly frustrating.. anyone else struggle with this?


  1. Absolutely Sara! You definitely are not alone. Through the program my husband is currently at, I am learning that he is capable of a lot more than I ever thought. We have to make them do the things are capable of for their own well being as well as our own. One thing that I have found to be very helpful is before we go to bed I have him write a list of 3 things he is going to get done the next day come hell or high water. He chooses what it is going to be with no restrictions from me. It has really made a huge difference. Hang in there girl!

  2. No you're not the only one. ; ) And somedays are better than others. But some days just suck.