Thursday, January 20, 2011

Damn VA!

Warning- This is a rant..

So for the most part, I can put up with the crap from the VA, but I am sick and tired of them giving out crappy excuses for not doing their job.  Today we got a phone call from them canceling an upcoming appt that has been scheduled for like over a month.  Their reasoning was that the provider needed to be on an interview board so therefore he could not keep the appt.  This is the SECOND time this appt was scheduled and now canceled.  Oh and to top it off they have him on a waiting list for another one because they aren't allowed to schedule him out any farther than 15 days and those are already booked solid.  What happened to Priority Group number 1 for being an OIF/OEF Veteran?? Seriously It is ridiculous!! Not to mention my husband should have had blood work done MONTHS again to check some levels for some new powerful meds he is on and they have not once checked them.  Thank goodness I keep an eye on him and know what to do in case of an emergency.  There are some other cases I know of as well that going on with other people I won't mention, but lets just say that these Veteran's who have served our country with honor and dignity are NOT being shown and given the same thing in turn.  The VA sees you as just another number and I am incredibly sick and tired of it!

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